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What Professions Can Benefit from Body Armor?

Some jobs are more dangerous than others and many professionals are now using body armor to keep themselves safe while working in a job that can put them in harm’s way. Wearing a piece of body armor, like a bulletproof vest or an AR500 steel plate, makes many employees feel safer and more secure working and allows them to better serve the public.

In fact, some professions that may benefit from the use of body armor include:

Law enforcement officers. As a police officer or other member of law enforcement, the right body armor can be a huge help on the job. Officers are in some of the most at-risk positions, putting their lives on the line every day. So, take steps to stay up-to-date on the latest in body armor technology, and be sure to buy AR500 armor to make sure that you come home to your family safe and sound.

Gun range workers. Unfortunately, accidents happen in all professions. At a gun range, these accidents can quickly turn deadly. If you work at a gun range (or enjoy going to the range frequently) body armor can help you feel safer doing your job. It can be hard to trust strangers shooting massive weapons. Therefore, protect yourself with body armor to make sure that a misfire doesn’t turn into a tragedy.

Security guards. Working security, even in a relatively safe area, can be a gamble. When you head out for work, you never know who or what you might encounter on the job. You’re in charge of protecting your business or facility, but it’s more important that you feel protected. With the latest body armor, you can do your job confidently, knowing that you are prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Bank workers. Anyone that handles a large amount of money could be a robbery target. Employees at banks or armored car transportation workers are prevalent among that group. They are at risk of becoming a victim and this leads many of them to invest in their safety. If you feel unsafe working in your bank or armored car, body armor can give you more security while on the job.