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Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing Body Armor

If you’re looking to buy a bulletproof vest, you’ve already made the first right move by coming to Body Armor Megastore, the experts for steel plates, backpack armor, spall armor, and other forms of ballistic protection.

These are some things you need to think about when trying to choose the right protection.

Comfortability & Maneuverability

It isn’t going to be as comfortable as a robe, but it also shouldn’t be so uncomfortable that it distracts you. Pick one that feels good when you try it on. Make sure you get the right size, so it’s nice and snug, without squeezing you or hurting you.

On the other hand, if the vest is too big, it can restrict your movement. Pick a vest that allows you to move optimally and freely. Make sure you can fully rotate your arms as well as rotate your torso normally. In dangerous and tactical situations, you’ll need the ability to move quickly and use your arms without impairment.


As technology improves, plates and carriers have become lighter, allowing the wearer to be more effective. Having to bear all that weight takes a toll and causes fatigue. If you’ll be wearing your vest for long periods of time, a lighter-weighted form of protection can prove beneficial for mobility and durability.


Depending on the tactical situation, it could be very important how the armor fits your body. If an enemy spots your vest when they aren’t supposed to, it can defeat the purpose. Furthermore, if your body armor plates are sticking out of your normal clothing, it might look and feel uncomfortable.


It’s a difficult choice to make but, depending on what level protection you invest in, you should be able to survive the impact of a few hits. The quality of your investment will determine if you will be healthy enough to retaliate in a tactical situation after you’ve been hit. It can be the difference in receiving a few bruises or a few broken ribs. Choose carefully.

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