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4 Things You Might Not Have Know About Bulletproof Vests

Level 3A Bulletproof Vests – The Lowdown

Although we stock many items including backpack armor and Condor plate carriers, level 3A bulletproof vests are one of our most popular items. Level 3A Bulletproof vests are items of personal armor that can help to absorb the impact of and stop penetration to the body from bullets and shrapnel. They are worn over the torso and made of layers upon layers of laminated fibers that offer protection between a person and a projectile.

There are many things that people don’t know about level 3A bulletproof vests, and below are four facts that might surprise you.

The Average Level 3A Bulletproof Vest Lifespan

Most body armor in the USA adheres to the standard NIJ (National Institute of Justice) five-year service rating. However, wearing a vest every day means that it can lose its ability to protect faster than those that are only worn for short periods. Vests should last for five years; however, over time they should be regularly checked for signs of damage such as creases, tears, burns, and odd smells.

Keep Your Level 3A Bulletproof Vest Dry

Some level 3A bulletproof vests can lose their ballistic performance if they get wet. This is because water acts as a lubricant, making vests more susceptible to bullet penetration. Therefore, it’s a bad idea to take a swim in your level 3A bulletproof vest, unless the model that you own has been treated with water-resistant materials for added safety.

How They Stop Bullets

Body armor is created using strong non-woven or woven fibers. Imagine the way a net will stop a tennis ball from escaping. This is similar to the way that a level 3A bulletproof vest can stop a projectile. The fibers slow down the bullet, causing it to turn and send all its energy through the hard panel. That being said, high velocity or hard tipped bullets can slice through the protective fibers and sometimes go straight through the vest.

Level 3A Bulletproof Vests Won’t Protect From Knives

Stab proof vests and level 3A bulletproof vests are two different products, designed with different fibers. The way that either product is designed and manufactured is specific to the types of impact and danger that they may face. Some companies manufacture multi-threat vests, but these can be very heavy and expensive. If you are facing knife crime or dangers involving bladed weapons, look for a stab proof vest as opposed to a level 3A bulletproof vest.

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