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Do Bulletproof Helmets Exist?

We manufacture and sell a wide range of protective clothing to people and businesses across the USA. As a leading supplier, we are often faced with a variety of questions as people buy tactical gear from our online store. One such question is, “Do bulletproof helmets exist?”

In all honesty, at present, there are no helmets on the market that are completely bulletproof. However, there are bullet resistant models available that will offer a great deal of protection against ballistics and certain projectiles for the head and skull area.

What is a Bulletproof Helmet?

A bulletproof helmet or ballistic high cut tactical helmet is a type of helmet that will work to protect your skull from bullets, glass, and shrapnel during a combat situation. The helmets are slug resistant and designed to provide as much protection as possible, but they are never 100 percent impenetrable. It’s important to remember that as you shop around for bullet resistant head protection, they are only capable of a certain degree of protection and they can’t make you invincible.

How Effective are Bullet Resistant Helmets in Combat?

Bulletproof helmets are designed to protect the wearer against a range of combat based threats. These threats could be bullets, explosions, and fragments caused by bombs. At this present time, there are no helmets that can sufficiently withstand the force of a sniper bullet; they are merely in place to prevent damage as best they can.

That being said, in the case of bomb explosions, bulletproof helmets can protect your skull from being ripped apart and brain tissue from being damaged. Also, if your vehicle is unfortunate enough to be bombed, a ballistic helmet will keep your head in place as it sustains damage from impact and shrapnel.

Our Bullet Resistant Helmets

We stock two separate models of FAST ballistic high cut tactical helmets in our store. Both models are lightweight, with a four-point adjustable chin strap system, a dial liner, above the ear rail system, and are designed to be durable and comfortable. These models will help protect against 9mm, 115gr 1400fp/s, 44 MAG SJHP, and 240gr 1450ft/s.

Those who would like to purchase tactical gear are encouraged to browse our site or contact us directly by calling 51-ARMOR-GUY to learn more about our military body armor.