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4 Things to Consider About Backpack Armor

Every year ballistic-resistant body armor helps to protect against a significant number of handgun and rifle ammunition, with stab-resistant products available to help protect against knives and other sharp weapons. Over the last decade, sales of backpack armor have even increased by over 200 percent in the wake of mass shooting incidents across the United States.

There are several points to consider before purchasing backpack armor, and we’ve listed them in order of importance below.

They Won’t Protect Against Rifles

The materials that are used to manufacture most pieces of backpack armor are categorized as only “Level 3” by the National Institute of Justice. This means that they will only help protect against bullets dispensed from handguns or pistols. The materials used to create these protective accessories are lightweight for purpose and therefore will not withstand the impact of a rifle bullet.

They Need Replacing if Damaged

Backpack armor plates will need to be replaced if they sustain any damage. Try to store them in a cool and dry place and avoid buying second-hand products as you often have little information regarding their history. Therefore, they may not be as safe as a newer piece of backpack armor.

They’re Great for the Protection of Your Belongings

Aside from protecting your back and internal organs, backpack armor offers excellent protection over the valuable items that you wish to keep inside of the backpack. Backpack armor can withstand several gunshots while still keeping laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other valuables better protected from harm.

They’re Affordable

With protective plates that can be used as backpack armor starting at just $60 on our website, we have a range of protective products that can fit all budgets. We understand that different customers need different levels of protection depending on their job, environment, and the level of threat that they are under. That’s why we stock a wide range of backpack armor options. Other products that we manufacture and stock include bullet and stab proof vests, bullet resistant helmets, shields, tactical vests, and much more.
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