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Things to Remember When There is An Active Shooter

Last year there were over 20 active shooter incidents logged by the FBI in the United States. Now, we all know that that number is too many.

If you didn’t know, there are certain things to consider when faced with an active shooter situation that may save your life and the lives of others. Incorporating backpack armor, bullet-resistant clothing, and other protective equipment is certainly one option, but below are some others.



The main priority in an active shooter situation is getting far away from the shooter in the safest possible manner. If you hear gunfire, make your way towards the nearest emergency exit and try to escape any risk of danger. You may think that hiding is the best option, but getting further away will eliminate the chances of injury. If you encounter any law enforcement as you try to make your escape, keep your hands visible to let them see you are not carrying a weapon. If you can’t run, try to keep an object between yourself and the shooter at all times. As soon as you get to a safe place, call 911.


If running is not an option, try to find a secure place to hide. In fact, try to find a place that offers protection from gunfire and that the shooter will not be able to come across. Search for a room that is lockable or easy to barricade. Your goal is to make the room is as tricky as possible for the shooter to access. Turn off all lights and remain silent, staying away from the door and looking for any additional cover as soon as possible. Do not open the door for any reason until you are 100 percent sure that it is safe to do so.


If you can’t run or hide, you must try and fight to protect yourself. Remember, this is your life that you are fighting for, so try and put your fears aside and disable the shooter using any means necessary. By overpowering the shooter, you may save your own life, along with the lives of many other potential victims.

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