Body Armor | Bullet Proof Vest | Level III+ 3+ | Stops 5.56 | BLACK


Rated L3+
Adjustable Medium to XXL

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SIZE: Adjustable Medium – XXL
MOLLE: integrated modular webbing on front and rear of vest for easy gear customization/mounting
Accepts up to 10 X 12 “front/back plates
Quick release side plastic buckles
CORDURA® construction, with reinforced stitching

High quality Alumina / UHMWPE blend
Rated Level III+ STAND ALONE Plate
Tested with multiple rounds including 5.56 @ 15 yards (Zero Penetration)
The plates are shaped for an ambidextrous comfortable fit
Each 10×12 plate weighs 4lbs 12oz and is about 7/8 inch thick
Manufactured April 2023
5 year expiration date

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