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AR500 Body Armor for Supreme Protection

In addition to body armor accessories, our repertoire of tactical military gear and plate carrier vests with plates includes AR500 Body Armor. AR500 Body Armor utilizes an advanced ballistic grade steel core, making this material much tougher than traditional steel and other steel armor alternatives found on the market. Body Armor Megastore’s years of experience in the armor and tactical gear industry allows us to offer armor that is unsurpassed in quality and performance for those looking to buy steel plates, all while offering it at a fair and reliable price. The core of AR500 Body Armor measures in at 500 on the Brinell Hardness Scale (BNH) and the product core’s reliable traits such as consistent temper and thickness contribute to its reputation. AR500 Body Armor is renowned for providing effective and reliable body armor solutions, offering some of the highest quality ballistic grade steel seen in the industry. Buy AR500 Steel Plates from the Seasoned Experts AR500 Body Armor is multi-hit capable, and among the rated calibers, it generally performs well above the industry standard. Alternatives such as Kevlar and Ceramic are compromised to a much greater extent when they sustain impact on the strike face, frequently losing material and becoming useless after only a few rounds. Because of our advanced steel core, AR500 Body Armor loses very little substance upon impact on the strike face. To be effective for its rating, AR500 Body Armor doesn’t need to be used in conjunction with other panels or armor — it is designed as a Stand-Alone solution. AR500 Body Armor is also slash-and-stab resistant to all types of hand-held edged weapons. No Maintenance Required AR500 Body Armor products go a step further than traditional body armor in another way; it is practically maintenance free. Engineered with longevity in mind, every component of this armor is prepped, sealed, and applied to last a lifetime.
  • You never need to store AR500 Body Armor in a particular configuration, such as on a flat surface, in a padded case, or hanging vertically.
  • AR500 Body Armor is not fragile or susceptible to stress fractures, and will not be compromised when you use it in training via jumping, running, rolling, or hitting objects and obstacles.
  • AR500 Body Armor is safe for transporting your vehicle through rough terrain, whether it is secured or not.
  • Being 100% sealed, AR500 Body Armor is impermeable to harsh elements, liquids, and most chemicals.
  • AR500 Body Armor is reliable and safe for long-term storage.
If your AR500 Body Armor becomes dirty, you can let it be and insert it back into the plate carrier, or wipe it with a damp cloth to the desired level of cleanliness. Buy Your Steel Plates Today Body Armor Megastore is the source for buying armor protection for you and your loved ones. Purchase is simple - just find the tactical products you need, add them to the cart, choose your shipping option, and check out with your preferred method of payment. Browse our site to view all of the products we have in store. For questions about our products, call us today.
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